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Our Additional licensing scheme ends 12th April 2022
Redbridge Council’s licensing scheme known as Additional licensing will end on 12th April 2022. Since 1st Oct 2018 it was a 5 year scheme which covered small HMO (3 or 4 unrelated people forming 2 or more households ) and illegally converted houses into flats known as s257 HMO. After this date we will not be accepting any new Additional HMO applications until further notice.

An Additional licensing scheme Public consultation was carried out Dec-March 2022 and the renewal of this scheme is currently being explored.

All existing Additional HMO licence applications/submissions are valid for 5 years until they expire. You should still remain compliant with licence conditions at all times. If you have 5 or more occupants, forming 2 or more unrelated households, sharing facilities, you must now apply for a Mandatory HMO licence. This applies to all expiring Additional HMO and any new HMO applications of 5+ persons. All other rental properties with 3 to 4 unrelated occupants, forming two or more households, should proceed to apply for a Selective licence in the interim whilst a new Additional licensing scheme is agreed.

If you have any problems applying for a Selective licence please email:

Please also refer to our website for future updates regarding Additional HMO licensing found here under Public Consultation on Additional Licensing.

Important updates as of 1st April 2022.
Please note all new HMO applications should have Planning Consent to be an HMO or have a certificate of lawfulness in place, otherwise applicants will receive a 1 year licence in the interim. Please see website for further details.

Licence fees have increased as of 1st April 2022 Please refer to website for further details

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