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Additional licenses cover smaller HMOs as of the 1st of October 2018, these are 3 or 4 people forming 2 or more unrelated households sharing facilities. Please note this is irrespective of the number of floors.

To find out if you need a HMO licence please use our “unsure of licence type” checker to ensure you are applying for the right licence type.

For the current fees and other information about Additional licensing please click here

Please note that you will have 28 days from the day you start your application to submit. Failure to complete your application within the 28 days may result in enforcement action being taken against you, and your licence fee may increase.

If you have any questions about the application form please email

Licences are valid for 5 years from submission date. Unless otherwise stated on your Licence.

If you are stuck on a question please click on the ? next to the question for more information.

Please ensure a unique email adddress is entered for each relevant party associated to this application.

Please note the criteria of an Additional HMO licence includes:

• Planning consent required
• This can ONLY have a min of 3 persons and a max 4 persons sharing facilities wc. etc, and forming at least 2 unrelated households
• Examples 4 unrelated friends sharing = 4 households,
• 2 unrelated couples = 2 households.
• Married couple with a child and a friend sharing = 2 households
• Couple and two unrelated friends(Not in a relationship) = 3 unrelated households

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